Global Village 2012


Catalogue 2012 – Are we heading towards a global culture?


In 2010 I organised the first Global Village; almost 70 artists from every corner of the world found their way to the Grand Church of Alkmaar. During that exhibition the same question popped up in my head. Even though the artists spoke different languages, their art didn’t need translation at all.   For the 2nd edition of Global Village I wanted to explore this question. I created a social media network especially for artists who wanted participate in this project. The artists were free to decide which artworks they uploaded on their page. Later the artworks for the three exhibitions were selected from those pages.  Now, that these artworks from every part of the world are together, can we answer the question? Are we heading towards a global culture?   Off course all these artists have access to internet and mass-media. And knowing what happens on the other side of the world certainly influenced them. The subjects of their art proves that.  But artists aren’t lonely hermits, they want to communicate with their audience. So they have to speak the same language as the audience. They don’t use the vocabulary of their cultural heritage. No, they use the language we all understand, the language of mass-media and mass-consumption.  Globalization disconnected us from our roots. And powered by internet we have become one family with one common language: a visual language!



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