Global Village


A must-have for every art-lover!

With the help of internet different artists from around the world were gathered for a unique exhibition.

From 22 till 31 January 2010 the Global Village exhibition was held at the Grand Church of Alkmaar, Holland. In the 16th century this church wasn’t only a place of worship, but far more a meeting place. That made it the perfect location to hold this exhibition. Almost 70 artists from every continent showed their innovating art about the theme of globalisation. The artworks varies from video, installation, paintings, photography, sculpture and digital art; figurative as well as conceptual art. That made Global Village the unique opportunity to find out what’s happening in today’s international art scene. During the opening weekend different performances were held by artists and musicians.

The Global Village exhibition is chaptured in a catalogue; 140 full colour pages with detailed information about each artist and each artwork. The catalogue also includes photo’s of the performances, the beautifull 16th century church and information about this project by one of the organisers.

A must-have for every art-lover!

In English only.

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